Cookies policy

Using websites LOSCAR consent to the use of cookies in Accordance with the policy of cookies. In case of disagreement change your browser settings in Accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, or stop using LOSCAR party.

What are cookies?

Cookies (ang. Cookies) files created and saved on the user terminal device When you visit sites on the Internet. The files Contain information is IDENTIFY the user device is correct appearance. Mostly files Contain information about the origin of (name of the website), the duration (length of life), cookies, user agent, if Necessary. A unique number created for the user session.

What is the purpose of the use of cookies?

The primary objective is to bring the content of the website in Accordance with the User preferences and the speed (optimal use) use of the site. It also allows you to collect anonymous, aggregated statistics That Indicate how Users use our sites, Which helps it improve the range of information and its display, but without Identifying the user.

What type of cookies in use?

For proper use pages are created and used session files and files Permanently. Session files are temporary files, stored on the device until the end user is the log out from the website, or you close your browser. Files Permanently remain 'on the device by the time the final user in Accordance with the settings in the file. Permanent file can be removed from a web Earlier browser by the user. Using the websites LOSCAR You can receive cookies Cooperating third parties, eg. Google, Facebook, actors performing for LOSCAR advertising campaigns. Additional information about These cookies, please, Refer These are entities

Whether the user can delete cookies from your end devices?

Most web browsers is equipped with cookie management mechanisms, Including You can block the storing of cookies and delete them from the terminal. You can also set the prompt mode (inform) the User When The website wants to save a cookie on the user device. Download Blocking cookies have a small negative effect on the display of the web resource or that limit its functionality, Adapting this display information to the user's preferences. Blocks can also collect anonymous data that helps improve hand analysis in terms of quality and Attractiveness of the content Placed.

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